A Revolution in Grout Bag Technology

Structure Guard GeoForm® Grout Bags represent a revolutionary step in the technology of underwater grout bag repairs. Our spun bond polyester weave provides the strength and durability for both temporary and permanent repairs. A pumping port, centrally located, is sewn in place to self-seal upon removal of the injection pipe. The porous mesh permits the excess water to bleed off resulting in a high quality grout installation.

Improve Safety

  • Reduce costs
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Requires no special mix
  • Watertight sealing method

Construction Includes

  • High strength polyethylene fabric
  • Reinforced construction
  • Custom manufacture to any shape or size
  • Choose from two styles of self-sealing ports


  • Underwater Forms – Void repair   
  • Cable Protection – Anchor protection
  • Waterfront – Dissipate wave action
  • Rip Rap – Prevent undermining
  • Pipeline Support – Fill scour areas
  • Channel Lining – Prevent channel scour

Where the bags are used as forms for void repairs, they can be stacked and pinned together with rebar. Pumping and relief ports are installed into the void area to permit complete filling of the undermined section. Bags can be pumped 18" to 24" thick.
For armor plating of river or streambed to fill scour holes and line the channel, the bags can be pumped 6" to 8" thick with bags laid edge to edge.
Where rip rap placement is called for on bridges, the bags provide a very low cost method of scour protection. Our clients have found the GeoForm® System to be the most cost-effective method of seawall / bulkhead replacement, rehabilitation and repair. GeoForm® Grout Bags tend to lay flat for easy diver placement, without the floating and twisting associated with other products. Our GeoForm® Grout Bags have been approved for scour repairs by state and municipal DOT's, US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Navy.

GeoForm® Grout Bags

Structure Guard is the manufacturer of easy installation GeoForm® underwater grout bags. From our east coast and midwest locations we can promptly respond to your needs.